URGENT CALL OUT - PLEASE SHARE - new refugee camp in Dunkirk


Crew for Calais are about to start working in the new refugee camp in Dunkirk. The camp has been built by Medecins Sans Frontieres and is being run by Utopia56 (www.utopia56.com)

On account of recent events in the Calais camp, we are focusing our efforts in the setting up of the new camp. (We will advise you as and when we are working again in Calais in the future.)


We urgently require:

- skilled carpenters to build the camp kitchens

- skilled welders and carpenters to work on accommodation projects in the camp

- people who are competent with tools to assist with the above

- people who are able to work with a smile on their faces in the cold, to work in all other areas of the camp, including welcoming refugees, security and aid distribution

- people who have cars, who are willing to drive themselves and other volunteers to France, as well as between the accommodation and the refugee camp (we will cover the costs of fuel, tolls and the Eurotunnel)


We will provide:

- dorm room accommodation

- registration donation for Utopia56, which means you are covered by their insurance

- reimbursement for the cost of fuel, tolls and the Eurotunnel for volunteer drivers

- a daily subsistence payment for those who need it


The Dunkirk camp is brand new, and for now accommodation and essential utilities such as water and the camp kitchens are being completed. Following that, the cultural spaces will be set up.


We'd love you to be part of this. Come and play. Your time and talents are invaluable.

To get involved, email crewforcalais@gmail.com and we will send you a doodle poll to fill out and match you to any available trips.

If you have a car and are willing to use it, please put CAR after your name when you email.

Thanks for being part of Crew for Calais, and making it what it is.

Donations are always welcome on our crowdfunder, and help us fund more trips. Please share it far and wide:



Here's to new light in Dunkirk, after the recent darkness of events in Calais,

Katharine, Simon, Chloe and the rest of team Crew for Calais