The eviction has begun today in Calais.

Refugees are being taken onto buses (which have plastic covers on the seats, as if the refugees are dirty).  Refugees do not know where they are being taken.

The best sources for current information are the Refugee Info Bus, and Help Refugees UK.  I'll post their twitter accounts here.  Both also have Facebook pages and websites:

The eviction is expected to continue over the next three days, and then the demolition is due to commence on Thursday.

Utopia 56 ( have emailed out today, with info about where the refugee buses are headed to, and the Facebook groups for you to join to find out how to help in the different regions:

"French authorities are starting dismantling the Calais camp this Monday and destruction starts Thursday

Although Utopia 56 is in favour of dismantling the camp, we fear the conséquences of such a quick evacuation.

Our volunteers are mobilizing in the regions of France where thousands of refugees will be sent to CAOs (orientation centres). Contact with the local population is vital for them to want to stay in France.

You can join a Facebook group to get information on what's happening in one particular region or contact"

Bretagne :

Bourgogne Franche Comté :

Centre Val de Loire :

Grand Est :

Haut de France :

Ile de France :

Nouvelle Aquitaine :

Normandie :

Occitanie :

Paca :

Pays de la Loire :

Auvergne Rhone Alpe :

Crew for Calais currently only have one volunteer over in France.  She is working directly with Help Refugees UK and will be out there for the next few days.

As it becomes clear where help is most needed (essentially, as the events of this week and next unfold) we will be announcing our next trips, and their locations.