• Network Theatre, The Vaults (map)
  • 7AD, Leake St, London SE1 7NN


The Calais Jungle was cleared in November 2015. With the forced removal and relocation of well over 6000 people came the burying of the dark secrets of a camp at the edge of one of the great humanitarian crises of the 21st Century. BORDERLAND draws on data, acquired by the Refugee Rights Data Project, to present a dispassionate and clear account of truths from the camp: the fear people lived with every day; the conditions; the desperate shortage of basic humanitarian supplies; and the blunt contravention of Human Rights. Verbatim, data and reportage bring together this uncomfortable, alarming and forensic show that seeks to fill the gap between mythology and understanding, to close the space between the human beings at the the heart of the real story and those across the border who tried to control it.

Performer by: Stephanie Street, Mariam Haque (Weds 8); Stephanie StreetFélicité du Jeu with BSL-interpretation by Jeni Draper (Thurs 9); Stephanie Street, Prasanna Puwanarajah (Fri 10); Natasha Nixon, Anjana Vasan (Sat 11); Denise Gough, Vera Chok (Sun 12)


CALAIS will be a 20-30 minute piece woven from the Twitter feeds of the Refugee Info Bus and Help Refugees during the final clearance of the camp.

It will be performed by a different performer every night, who will open the envelope with the script, and then share it all with the audience in real time, as they read it themselves.

Rudi Dharmalingam (Weds 8), Sophie Stone with BSL-interpretation by Jeni Draper (Thurs 9), Yusra Warsama (Fri 10), Lucy Ellinson (Sat 11), Inua Ellams (Sun 12).

Tickets: £9. Some 2for1 deals available. 

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