‘HACK: What can we do to change the narrative around Refugees and Asylum seekers in the UK?’

Hackathons are used by the tech community to create new and innovative technical/digital solutions to radical problems.

Our event isn’t about creating a new app or gadget though, it's about getting lots of smart and interested minds into a room and creating some plans and outcomes that can have real, positive benefits, both on the day and for the future.

We want to utilise your collective intelligence, power and skill to help make change.

This will be the first performing arts hack about refugee support in the UK and Europe.

A half-day event aimed at blowing the conversation around UK refugee and asylum processes wide open. We want to think big and small; we want to find new methods of helping and supporting refugees in the UK and further afield; we want to understand more about the landscape of refugee service provision; we want to learn from others already working in new and exciting ways with refugee communities around Europe.

This hackathon exists to give Vault festival audience members, creative professionals and those working in refugee support services a chance to come together and creatively address some of the challenges faced by those seeking asylum in the UK and Europe. The alchemy of the event is designed to call all participants there into action, creating a powerful narrative of positivity to take out into the wider world.

So often we feel like we are individually powerless to improve the opportunities available to refugees, or we cannot stand up to the weight of public, mainstream media and government opinion against us. This is an opportunity to prove that this is not the case. That every single person can do something to help improve the opportunities for refugees within their own communities and beyond. A positive space for thinking how we can make positive change, sending people out realising that there are small things they can do in their own communities that will make a big positive impact on the lives of others.

Your participation could help a newly founded start-up company improve their service delivery. It could inspire you to set up your own services in the UK, or volunteer with existing ones. It could just open your eyes to what is already out there in the world.

Most importantly it will show that we aren’t ready to believe everything we’re told by the media and that we are ready to face this so-called crisis the only way it can be faced: together as a group.

We don’t need much from you, just an open mind, something to make notes with (pen, laptop, phone) and your ideas and skills.