We caught up with John Biddle, Dom Coyote and Loren O'Dair, the team behind Still Waiting: A hundred handshakes in the Calais Refugee Camp, for a quick chat about their show, a gig theatre show about about the hundred handshakes you experience in the Calais, volunteerism and packets of pasta, and our relationship with Europe’s refugee crisis.

The show is part of the Crew for Calais season at the Vaults Festival and runs from the 1st till the 5th of Feb at 8.25pm


1. How does it feel combining political activism and Theatre Making?

A bit of a step into the unknown.
It's great to be connecting with Crew for Calais for the first time, an organisation that makes it feel totally possible to combine theatre and activism

2. How new is this for you?

The whole activism thing is new for some of us.

3. What do you want your audience to feel coming out of the show?

Entertained and moved, and a tiny bit more likely to do something.
Angry, Inquisitive, full of hope, and wanting to connect.
To make the shift from thinking about doing something to actually doing something.

4. Have there been any statistics or events in the research of the refugee crisis that have really resonated with you?

One of our songs is about how difficult it is to take in all the statistics... We hope that it will make the statistics more human, and consider the people behind the numbers.

5. What’s been the most challenging part of your process?

Finding the tone between the gravity of the subject and an attempt to make an enjoyable hour".


Tickets are £9 and 2for1 deals are available. If you are a refugee, displaced person or volunteer who can't afford a ticket, please contact alex@crewforcalais.org. We want to share these performances with you.

You can book tickets here.