Omran Daqneesh | Credit: Courtesy of Aleppo Media Center

Omran Daqneesh | Credit: Courtesy of Aleppo Media Center

It’s the moment he wipes his hand on the chair that’s too big for him. He’s just touched his face, looked at the blood drawn onto his hand, and it seems sensible to try and get it off. It’s the idea that the little wipe of his hand will clean him of all the dust and blood and shock.

Last night a photograph was shared on Twitter of Omran Daqneesh, a five year old survivor of an air strike in the Qaterji neighbourhood in Aleppo, Syria. A video followed, showing him being lifted into an ambulance and placed on the chair, dazed.

Almost 300,000 people have been killed since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, and millions have been displaced. But numbers don’t seem to affect people in the same way that individuals do.

This photograph reminds us who we’re really hurting when we say we won’t let refugees into our country.

Photograph and video now available on most news websites, but also on Raf Sanchez's Twitter @rafsanchez. Doctors are continuing to send Sanchez, the Telegraph's Middle East correspondent, photographs of wounded children, but he says many are too graphic to share online.